Do you want to become a school volunteer?

The Polk County School Board has an outstanding volunteer program, with over one million service hours donated by nearly 30,000 volunteers each year. With so many needs to fulfill there is no doubt that we can put you to work helping us to educate our students.


Due to budget constraints, background checks for volunteers can no longer be paid by the district. The district has looked at several ways to maintain the current level of security in a cost efficient manner, but has not found an effective solution. Therefore, first-time volunteer applicants will be expected to pay a one time fee of $24 for their background check, beginning in the 2009-2010 school year. Volunteers who are already approved are not affected by this decision. Please visit the Polk County School District’s Volunteer page for more information.

Polk County School Board Volunteer Page

We appreciate you volunteering and in order for it to be helpful to our teachers and students please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • All volunteers must check in the office each and every time.
  • Volunteers must have a pre-scheduled date and time to work in their designated classroom or area.
  • If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at our school, you must first fill out an online application and be approved by the district.

Polk County School Board Volunteer Application

Your Child’s Safety

Safety of our children is foremost in our minds. In order to continue to keep an orderly campus the following guidelines will need to be followed.

        • Children who are car riders must be picked up from the car rider line displaying the color coded dismissal sign provided by the office.
        • Children must only be dropped off at the car rider line in the mornings, not the bus area.
        • Children cannot be walked to classrooms or designated areas by parents or guardians.